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Welcome to Health Maps Wales

Health Maps Wales contains a wide range of Welsh resident data including hospital admissions, mortality and child health. Explore a variety of health indicators by area, map trends in data over time and make comparisons at local and national levels.

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Key Facts

Population Wales (2015)
3.09M (⇧ 3.8% 2006-2015)
All-cause mortality rate for under 75's (Wales 2006-2015)
⇩ 10.4%
Cardiovascular disease mortality rate (Wales 2010-2015)
⇩ 19.5%
Low birth weight babies: highest rate (local authority: 2015)
Wrexham: 82 per 1000 live births
Liver cirrhosis admissions, highest rates - (health board of residence 2 yr average 2014/15 - 2015/16)
Aneurin Bevan UHB: 29 per 100K pop
Alcohol (specific) admissions, highest rates (USOA 3 yr average 2012/13-2014/15)
Newport U002: 966 per 100K pop
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