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InstantAtlas™ Server 6


New Profiles Theme and Population Pyramids

29 November 2017

Health Maps Wales will be released on Wednesday 29th November 2017, and will include updates to the following indicators:

  • Hospital admissions and mortality data for data up to 2016/17 at health board and local authority level

  • National Community Child Health Dataset (NCCHD) births data up to 2016 at health board and local authority level.

  • NCCHD immunisations data up to 2016/17 at all geographic levels down to Middle Super Output Area.

  • Alcohol-Attributable Months of Life Lost (MLL) data up to 2016.

  • General Fertility Rate (GFR) data up to 2016.

  • Population mid-year estimates data up to 2016, for health board and local authority.

In addition, a number of new reporting templates, measures and indicators will be displayed for the first time, including:

  • Population pyramid reports for the latest 10 years, added under the ‘Demography’ theme.

  • Crude rates per population for all hospital admissions data.

  • A new ‘Profiles’ theme containing area profile reports for the following Health Maps Wales themes: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Disease, Liver disease, Maternity and Child Health, Alcohol. This will provide an alternative view of the existing indicators, allowing multiple indicators for the same area to be viewed simultaneously against Wales or health board comparators.

  • Avoidable, Amenable and Preventable Mortality indicators for the latest 10 years for health board and local authority, based on ONS’ Revised Definition of Avoidable Mortality (May 2016).

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