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InstantAtlas™ Server 6


Update: 14th June 2017

14 June 2017

Please see below for details of the release:


  • All hospital admissions and mortality data updated at sub local authority level (where numbers allow) for the latest 10 years up to 2015/16.

  • Cancer Incidence Data updated to 2015. Cancer Incidence 2 and 3 year figures updated to rolling average years replacing aggregated 2 and 3 year ranges.

  • Tonsillectomy codes (under Common Procedures) have been updated and now include only OPCS: F34 and F361, all data for the latest 10 years has been refreshed.

  • General fertility rate, calculated as the number of live births per 1,000 females aged 15-44 years updated to include 2007-2015 data. Data reported to MSOA level.

  • Broad age population estimates updated to include 2015 data. Data reported to LSOA level.


  • A new dataview has been added under the Substance Misuse theme called ‘Hospital Admissions due to Illicit Drug Use’. This includes hospital admissions and person-based hospital admissions for any illicit drug use and opioid use at LA/HB level split by sex.

  • New indicators have been added to the ‘Mortality due to Alcohol-specific and Attributable Conditions (LAPE definition)’ dataview. These are 'months of life lost due to alcohol' and are available for males and females 75 years for alcohol-attributable mortality at LA/LHB level.

  • Male and female breakdowns have been added to the 'All liver disease deaths 75' indicator in the ‘Liver Disease Mortality’ dataview under ‘Diseases of the Digestive System’.

  • Crude rates have been added as associate values for all mortality data and are available by selecting one of the area tables from the ‘Tables and exports’ menu of any of the mortality dataviews. Crude rates can be added to the data table by selecting ‘show numerators/limits’ from the menu. Associate values will also be included in any direct export to CSV or Excel.

  • New indicators and additional age groups have been added to the ‘Cardiovascular Disease Mortality’ dataview under the ‘Diseases of the Circulatory System’ theme. The new indicators are for All Heart Disease (underlying cause of deaths ICD10 I00-I52) and these are split by sex. The additional age groups are 0-44, 35-74, 45-64, 65-74, 75 and 75+ and these have been added for the following subthemes (where numbers allow): All Cardiovascular Disease, All Heart Disease, Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Heart Failure.


  • Map reports will now display correctly on smaller screens and mobile phones in a responsive stacked format when the page is viewed in portrait mode.

  • Full page view is now working for double maps.

  • Improvements have been made to the advanced data views box to enable the box to be resized so it is easier to select indicators with long names.

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