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InstantAtlas™ Server 6


Frequently Asked Questions

Browser Requirements

To view the website, we recommend that you use a modern web-browser that is compatible with the HTML5 Canvas element. Most modern browsers support HTML5 such as Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (version 5.1.4 or later). Users of Internet Explorer 7 or 8 should still be able to view map reports but will also require Adobe Flash Player version 9+.

Member Login

Registering to become a member of Health Maps Wales provides users with access to a members only area where they can create custom reports and save favourite indicators, geographies and reports for future use. Data is selected with the help of a wizard and the resulting report can be viewed, exported or printed using one of the map, correlation or table templates. Registered users will also be added to the Health Maps Wales mailing list so that they can be kept up to date with developments and releases. Register to become a member by clicking on the Register menu bar item.


When you click on “Add to Favourites”, the page makes use of a Java script dialog box (or scripted dialogue box in Internet Explorer) so that the user is prompted to enter a name to store their favourite item. Internet Explorer 7 (or higher) users may get a message in the yellow information bar as shown below each time they choose “Add to favourites”:

Clicking on the information bar, will give you the option to “Temporarily allow scripted windows”. This will provide a temporary fix, and will allow access to any scripted windows on Health Maps Wales until the end of the browser session. The next time you login, and click on “Add to favourites”, the same process will have to be followed. To permanently allow scripting windows in Health Maps Wales the website will have to be added as a trusted site by following the steps below (For Internet Explorer):

1. Open in your internet browser and select Tools -> Internet Options from the Menu Bar.
2. Select the “Security” tab, then select the ‘Trusted Sites’ icon to highlight. Click on “Sites”.
3. The Health Maps Wales link should appear in the “Add this website to the zone:” dialog box:
4. Click “Add”, then “Close”, then “OK”. You may need to refresh your page to remove the yellow information bar.

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